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Sparrow tattoos

A Sparrow Tattoo, and any other tattoo for that matter, is a significant move that stays with you for a long time, so if you choose to have a Sparrow Tattoo you should know what it represents.

(Some say a tattoo stays for life, but you can always hide a tattoo under a bigger one )
Historically, the sparrow tattoo started as a sailors’ tattoo.
Sailors used to get a sparrow tattoo for every 5,000 nautical miles they traveled.
Sparrows were also believed to bring a sailor good luck, so sometimes the sailor got his Sparrow tattoo before leaving the docks, hoping it would act as a talisman, and help bring him safely home again.

Sparrow Tattoos

The ancient Egyptians believed that sparrows would catch the souls of those who had died.
This belief was another cause for a sailor to have the sparrow tattoo, as if the sailor had the misfortune of dying at sea, according to the legend the sparrow would carry his spirit to heaven.

In modern times, the sparrow tattoo is sometimes used as memorial designs for loved ones who have passed away.
sparrow tattoo can be inked holding the ends of a banner that bears the name and birth/death dates of the person being memorialized.

Sparrow Tattoo

Sparrow Tattoo is a very popular tattoo for a lot of good reasons:

  • The sparrow tattoo come in a variety of sizes and can feet most parts of the body.
  • One of the beauties about the sparrow tattoo is that even in small sized it can be very rich in details and colors.
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  • Sparrow Tattoo

  • The way the sparrow is pictured also defines a lot about its meaning -
  • A sparrow singing a song symbolizing Freedom and a sparrow diving toward a nautical star represents freedom to love and to find your true love
  • When someone chooses the sparrow tattoo, he usually chooses to add details to the “scene” ant not go for a plain sparrow.
  • Some popular ideas are to have the sparrow flying near a flower, have it sitting on a branch of a tree, hold the name of a beloved one who passed away and more

Beside its advantages as an artwork, the sparrow tattoo has a deep and wide symbolic to it:

  • Sparrow is different from most birds, when they find their soul mate, they stay with them till the end of their life.
  • For that reason, a sparrow is a symbol of finding your true love as Sparrows symbolize love, dedication and trust
  • A sparrow is a symbol of finding your freedom
  • Sparrows are known for traveling great distances, but always returning home
  • Captain Jack Sparrow in “The Pirates of the Caribbean” had a sparrow tattoo on his arm with the name “Jack”.
  • The great success of the movie, along with the appealing character of captain contributed a great contribution to the popularity of the Sparrow tattoo

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Sparrow Tattoos

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