Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Shamrock tattoos

You can’t go wrong by getting shamrock tattoos, one of the biggest symbols of luck throughout the world, because there are many different sizes and designs of shamrock tattoos that will satisfy any preferences you might have.

Shamrock tattoos come in many different styles and versions and at all sizes, a variety that makes the shamrock tattoos quite versatile and easy to wear.
Due to the different sizes Shamrock tattoos can actually go almost anywhere.

Shamrock Tattoos

Irish legend has it that, Saint Patrick demonstrated the principle behind the Trinity using a shamrock, pointing to its three leaflets united by a common stalk (the three leaves of the “shamrock” represent the Three Persons in One God)

Irish people making Shamrock tattoos will usually choose simple, three-leaved Shamrock tattoos designs, based on the shape of a clover, as the Shamrock has been sacred to the Irish for hundreds of years, and it has come to represent life and vitality.

Shamrock Tattoos

Shamrock Tattoos often comes in the shape of a four-leaf clover, which represents luck and good fortune.

Shamrock Tattoos

When it comes to people who are not Irish, the shamrock tattoos most people have in mind is a cartoon image – a bright, bold, Kelly green clover.
The cartoon Shamrock Tattoos resembles the Leprechaun and got some of it characters.

Shamrock Tattoos

A Leprechaun looks like a little old man gaily dressed in old-fashioned clothes; green, with a red cap, leather apron and buckled shoes.
According to the legend, leprechauns are devious and unfriendly, live alone, and possess a hidden pot of gold.
Catching a Leprechaun also represents luck, as upon catching him you can force him to reveal where he’s hidden his treasure.

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