Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Dragon Tattoos Design

New Dragon Tattoos Design

tattoo designs are extremely popular today with both men and women. Women usually prefer to have dragon tattoos on their arm, shoulder or foot whereas men will typically prefer the arm, back or leg.

Dragon tattoos can have a variety of meanings, varying from culture to culture. A dragon can often symbolize power, strength and courage. In many cultures, dragons are thought to have qualities like dignity, wisdom, power and fertility and are seen as bringers of luck. In certain parts of Asia they often represent the magical power associated with the water element.

Typical colors for dragon tattoos are red, black and green. And even though dragons typically breathe fire, it is rare that dragon tattoo designs have a dragon that breathes fire. A dragon tattoo can often blend well with other tattoos depicting anything from butterflies to skulls and wizards or symbols like ying-yang etc.

But keep in mind, a tattoo is painful and expensive to remove so it is important to take your time when picking out a design.

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