Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New bat Tattoo

New bat TattooThe illustration is by Kirsten Ferrell. I've been about 2 years, a bag with your drawing - but without the bats - and was just totally funky and quaint. I liked the quirky and curious art already immer.Im autumn 2008, this illustration get through my depression and anxiety disorders on a new meaning, which led me to leave, the tattoo motif.

In Schematherpie, which I then played along with stationary, there is a basic concept. It means that we as humans operate in three parts. The inner child, the adults and the healthy inner self. The inner child, our emotions and our spontaneity, who act according to the pleasure principle. The inner adult, our education, coined by authority figures, values and principles. These two parts will vary depending on biography and experience and are strong in our lives through confrontation. We ourselves, as the sound I have the task to mediate between these two poles. If we do not do it and let one of the two parts first, we hurt ourselves in the worst case itself is not only socially but also psychologically. For example: If we have to get up early, but did not really feel like it, shows itself in our inner child. But if we do not get up and go to work, then we lose our job. So, it would be heard in this case very badly to the inner child. Here we have to intervene as healthy and I take countermeasures. A compromise would be able to sleep is the best solution: "Only 2 more times to get up early, but the weekend I will." Conversely, it can also be bad for the inner adult, if we are constantly under pressure, want to please everybody and have no time for the beautiful and fun things in life.

Thus there is a constant struggle between the two parts. These parts are symbolized by the cats. The bats are healthy, I represent that conveys compromises and received in every area of life is vigilant and ensure hygiene soul. This tattoo will always remind me of the intense first-person experience during my illness last year, and the solutions. Because if I'm honest, my depression and anxiety disorders, the best thing that ever happened to me. Now I finally live. I am not only at work, I'm not restless, but have the feeling that they have signed peace with me.

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